Who Have We Helped?

2013 Annual Report

Program Components:

A continuum of care was offered to clients of Interfaith Hospitality Network of Somerset County in 2013

through our Emergency Shelter Component, Sunrise House transitional living facility and the Phase 2 and Phase 3 Programs, our “Sound Minds” Program and Rapid Re-housing.  Service objectives for each stage of care are as follows:

  • Emergency Shelter provides nights of shelter, meals, basic needs and individualized case management to families who are homeless.
  • Sunrise House accommodates families who were previously in our Emergency Shelter, who have prepared themselves for independence but find themselves stalled by the search for permanent affordable housing.  Individualized case management continues with a renewed focus on housing search, financial management and daily living skills.
  • Phase 2 offers 18 months of continuing case management and support to clients who have left our Emergency Shelter and/or Sunrise House for their own permanent housing.  This fills an identified gap in services to support previously homeless families to prevent relapse(s) into homelessness.
  • Phase 3 provides permanent affordable housing with Section 8 rental assistance to previous clients of the Emergency Shelter.  Case management is ongoing for these families.  This program is a response  to the long waiting lists for state rental assistance that can prevent families from moving to their own permanent housing.
  • Sound Minds accesses all clients, juvenile and adult, to psychiatric evaluation, mental health counseling, support groups and crisis intervention directly through our agency.
  • Rapid Re-Housing serves clients who achieved permanent housing, receive Housing Trust Fund assistance and are considered at high risk of relapse to homelessness.  Clients receive case management, financial counseling, basic needs support and mental health services.


Seventeen  families were served in our Emergency Shelter:

  • 40 individuals provided with
  • 2,858 nights of shelter and 8,574 meals 
  • 22  individuals were children
  • 14 single mothers, 2 two-parent families
  • 5 individuals secured employment while in the Emergency Shelter
  •  4 individuals moved to their own permanent housing
  •  788 hours of case management and support were provided
  • All 17 families were from Somerset County

2013 Annual Report; p.2

Four families resided at Sunrise House our Transitional Living Facility:

  •    9 individuals, 5 children
  •    4 single mothers
  • 273  hours of case management & support were provided
  •    3 parents employed part time, 1 parent employed full time
  •    2  individuals matriculated as college students
  •    All  families were from Somerset County

Fourteen families served in Phase 2 Transitional Support Program:

  •  37  individuals, 21 children
  •  13 single mothers
  •  747 hours of case management & support were provided
  •  11  parents employed; 2 parents disabled
  • All  14 families were from Somerset County

 Two families served in Phase 3 Permanent Supported Housing Program:

  • 5 individuals, 3 children
  • 2 single mothers, 2 employed full-time, 1 PT college student
  • 200  hours of case management & support were provided
  • Both families were from Somerset County

 Seven  families served in Rapid Re-Housing Program:

  • 15 individuals, 8 children
  • 7 single mothers all employed
  • 154 hours of case management & support were provided
  • All 7 families were from Somerset County

Nineteen  families served in Sound Minds, Mental Health Services:

  • 24  individuals; 8 children
  • 100% of families provided with on-call access
  •  5 families participated in family therapy
  •  5 families received personal advocacy of counselor for court and medical appts.
  • 100% of clients accessed to self-help materials
  • No clients required mental health hospitalization
  • All clients were from Somerset County

 2013 Annual Report; p.3

Demographics of Families in All Programs:

Racial Background:  78% African-American, 17% Caucasian, 5% Latino

Education:  61% H.S., 14% some college,  25% no H.S. or GED

Family Composition:  85% single mother, 15% two-parents

Residence Prior to Homelessness:  100% Somerset County

2013  Statistics:

44 families, 106 individuals served; all became homeless in Somerset County

 59 children served;  the majority were age 5 and under

 19 of the families received certified mental health services through our “Sound Minds” Program

 9 of our clients were diagnosed with disabilities; 5 of these were children

 13 families experienced Domestic Violence

 18 parents secured employment

 100% of the families in Sunrise House, Phase 2 and Phase 3 Programs are maintaining independence



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